Slide We planted 3 hectares of lavender at the beginning of the project were ready for harvest last summer and we obtained
4.6 litres of essential oil!
In addition we planted 4 more hectares that will be ready for harvest in 2020. Great! That will give us the time to implement the marketing strategy. See details
Visit blog page for updates on the In Stare de Bine project Slide OUR is to save and improve the lives of human trafficking victims. GOAL MAIN Since 1998 we have been serving the victims of one of most hideous crimes the humanity has ever witnessed: trafficking in people. +40733 044 711 Slide Slide

Dear friends,

Over the years we have assisted 750 victims, mostly Romanian women and girls who have been enslaved and abused in many European countries. We offered them home as well as psychological, medical and legal assistance and we made them part of our family.

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At present, we have two active safe-houses in Pitesti, with the second one being finalised, which have a total capacity of 18 beneficiaries.

Social Enterprise

Many of the survivors of trafficking come from rural areas and find it difficult to further their education. We have ongoing projects like the hotel project which aims to employ locals and develop the area.


More and more minors are exploited on the streets of Romania and their age decreases every year. At present the youngest victim is 10. We regularly hold training sessions with stakeholders in order to help identify and rescue victims. We also play an active part in the legal framework.

Craiova Farm

Built with sustainability in mind, we also have a farm in Dolj county. We grow lavender and other products which we aim to use and sell to help with the shelters’ costs.

Overall shelter data

Since 1999, Reaching Out Romania has worked with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Victims are referred to us by the police, Child Protection Department and NGO’s from destination countries. However, when necessary, we organize the direct rescue of victims. Whilst they are in our care, we offer them a place of shelter as well as psychological, medical and legal assistance and make them part of our family.

We shape our activities around the needs of this extended family and we provide everybody with long term assistance. We help many to initiate or continue their studies, to seek jobs or do whatever it takes for them to rebuild their lives.

Persons were sheltered
Reintegration rate
Sheltered victims' average age

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We thank you for your support this far and we count on your future contribution.

We need to continue. Trafficking is still one of the most lucrative criminal businesses and too many fall pray to it. In fact, since 2007, most of the victims sheltered at Reaching Out are minors, children who need our care.


    • 2012 – “Ator Pal Mont” By Asociazione Culturale Udine Italy

    • 2011 – “125 Women For Change” Avon Bucharest

    • 2011 – “10 exceptional women” by click magazine Bucharest

    • 2010 – “European of the year” by Readers Digest. ( First Romanian to receive this award)

    • 2008 – “Woman of the year” Avantaje magazine Bucharest

    • 2007 – ‘Hero of the year’ U.S. State Department, Washington

    • 2005 – ‘Abolitionist award’, House of Lords London