Many of the survivors of trafficking come from rural areas and find it to difficult to further their education the only skills they have is in the agricultural field since they helped/worked with their parents. We strongly believe that secondairy prevention is not possible without alternitives. Therefore with the help of our friends the Rossetti family who donated 50 hectares of land to Reaching Out we began in the spring of 2016 to develop a farm. 42H will be split into a lavender field, plumb & black cherry orchard. 3 greenhouses (vegetables) and a berry field (strawberries, blackberries, wildberries). In 2018 a small jam factory will be built in order to process the fruits. In addition a small animal farm will be developed. At present a house with a capacity of 6 is beeing built on the farm in order to accommodate the survivors willing to further their knowledge in agriculture.

In order to do so Reaching Out has a partnership with the Institute of agriculture in Craiova and the head of the legumiculture department will organize a one year scholarship for our beneficiaries. Teams of students will come on the farm and work with the girls and give them the know-how.

At the end of one year on the farm each girl will receive 1 hectare of the remaining 8H in lease for another year. If at the end of the 2 years she developed the necessary skills and can live off the land, the land will be transferred on her name. The money received in the one year lease will be used to buy more land. The profit from the farm will be used to sustain Reaching Out activities.

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