Since 2005 ROR purchased 3000 square meters of land on “Transfăgărășan”, the road that crosses the Carpathians. This is a very touristic area, visited not only by Romanians but also by tourists from all over Europe since Dracula castle is situated at the bottom of the mountains. The intention is to build a hotel where the naturally grown products from the farm can be used. This project is mainly primary prevention, 12 young people form the poor villages in the region will be trained to work in the hotel(chef, waitress, receptionist, maiden, etc). By providing them trainning and a work place we prevent them from going abroad. All the profit will be used to finance ROR’s shelters and aditional projects (outreach, trainings, etc). In fact the hotel is designed with a conference room. Until this moment the ground floor and the first floor are built, however we decided to stop in order to focus on the farm project. Somehow it was easier to find a donner to believe in the farm project than to find one to believe in the hotel project. Never the less this project will go on.
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