At present Reaching Out has a capacity of 12 beneficiaries in Pitesti shelter and 6 in Cluj. Because many times immediatly after beeing resucued the survivors present serios pshycological problems, some of them requiring medical treatment and the Government has no special centres for such childeren, we decided to sort out the problem by creating a tranzit shelter where girls who are not so affected or have been treated, can stay. We are undergoing construction of this tranzit shelter in Pitesti and anticipate it will be ready at the end of spring. That means that girls from Pitesti and Cluj who are choosing to further their education and have good results in school will be moved into the transit shelter as a step towards independent living. Being situated in the same courtyard of the original shelter, there is no need for permanent adult supervision in the transit shelter. In this way the girls are encouraged to manage there own time (for homework for leisure) and practice the life skills acquired in the program.

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